Victorinox  Skipper The Skipper is a 111mm Victorinox knife with a large liner-locking, partially-serrated main blade, and a shackle-opener/marlin spike for marine use. The knife is outfitted with unusual royal blue Nylon scales.

The original version of this model was slide-locking.

Layer Tools

Original slide-lock version
Original slide-lock version

Back Layer Tools

The current model is also supplied with an orange lanyard - See main picture

Scale Tools


Blue nylon with a printed Compass Rose emblem.


The original Skipper was available with a serrated or a partially serrated blade. The partially serrated blade is serrated approximately ¾ of the length, starting at the tip, giving a 60mm serrated edge and a 19.5mm straight edge.
Only the partially serrated blade is available with the newer liner-lock version.


Some earlier models had red Nylon scales. These models are less common and sought after by collectors.

A similar nautical model the Helmsman was one layer thinner than the Skipper, however this model was withdrawn, making the Skipper the only regular knife featuring the marlin spike.

Slide-lock and liner-lock versions
Slide-lock and liner-lock versions

The Skipper was one of the original 111mm slide-lock models. However, from 2017 Victorinox only produced liner-locking 111mm models.
The Skipper was converted to be liner-locking in 2017.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width:
    Liner-lock: 23mm
    Slide-lock: 23mm
  • Weight:
    Liner-lock: 183g;
    Slide-lock: 152g


  • 0.8593.2W - Victorinox AN: Liner-lock, ¾ serrated blade, blue scales
  • 0.9093.2W - Victorinox AN: Slide-lock, ¾ serrated blade, blue scales
  • 53663 - US Model: ¾ serrated blade, blue scales''

Related Knives

  • Helmsman - No pliers or inline Phillips, backside Phillips replaces the corkscrew
  • Atlas – Exchanges the marlin spike for a wood saw

Victorinox 111mm Slide-lock Model Comparison – Original versions
Victorinox 111mm Liner-lock Model Comparison – Original versions

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