Pioneer X

Image from Victorinox Website In 2015 Victorinox announced that, for the first time ever, they would be bringing out an alox 93mm Swiss Army Knife with scissors. This was later announced to be the Pioneer X and became available in early 2016.

The knife is a regular Pioneer with an added scissors layer. The scissors are identical to the 91mm scissors except that the nail nick has been moved to the outside of the scissors.

Layer Tools

2016 Damascus Pioneer X
2016 Damascus Pioneer X


Standard Victorinox ribbed silver alox scales
Also see variations

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width:  14.9mm
  • Weight: 94.5g


The 2016 Damascus edition is a Pioneer X with metalic grey scales ‘with nuances of green’.
During 2016 a German dealer and a SAK Facebook group comissioned some special editions from Victorinox with red, black, blue and green scales.


The alox knives are very popular with the Swiss Army Knife user and collecting community, especially as a variant of the original alox ‘Soldier’ Swiss Army Knife, and as the ‘sturdier’ cousins of the ’Officer Knives’. However for many years, these communities wanted scissors on the alox range, so this development by Victorinox has been much anticipated and is very welcomed.  


0.8231.26 - Pioneer X
0.8231.J16 - Damascus Pioneer X

Related Knives 

  • Pioneer - removes the scissors layer
  • Farmer- replaces the scissor layer with a wood saw
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