Hunter 108mm

Victorinox Hunter from the 108mm Safari Series, with initiation stag scales and plain-edge gutting blade. The Victorinox 108mm Hunter, also known as the Safari Hunter, was part of the Safari Series. This model added a gutting blade and imitation stag antler scales to the Safari Trooper.

Name disambiguation: There is also a 111mm Hunter that features a locking blade.

Withdrawn Model

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The 108mm saw had a reputation as one of the best wood saws, although tests conducted by MTo members have questioned this.

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Scale Tools

The Hunter and other 108mm knives do not have any non-blade tools such as the typical toothpick and tweezers.
This is typical of the military knives, but rare for the civilian knives.


  • Authentic stag, this model is believed to be the first version issued, maybe as a type of market test, and appears to be very rare.
  • Imitation stag antler - This is the most common material used for the scales.
  • Red Nylon
  • Olive drab Nylon

The color of the red Nylon scales appears in two shades, a darker deep red, and a much brighter red. Some knives may have different shades of red on each side of the knife.


  1. An Authentic Stag Hunter was produced in very limited number, possibly 500 units or less.
  2. The gutting blade was originally non-serrated, but there are versions that have a serrated edge.
  3. A rare variation of the Hunter is the Fireman, (not to be confused with 111mm knives of the same name), that was manufactured between 1994 and 1998. It has red Nylon scales and a special Fireman's logo on the scales, the gutting-blade has a serrated edge (rescue/belt-cutter blade). The estimated production was only 2380 units. Some of these knives were produced with a bail and, according to Victorinox, did not have a unique article number. The production volume cannot be determined.
  4. The Zurich Fireman, (an unofficial name), was reported to be a very limited run (~1000 units) of red scaled Hunter models with a bail.
  5. In 2008, Roger Remund (SwissBianco, +B), modified the Hunter by removing the saw and replacing it with a clip-point blade, thus making this a three-blade knife: spear-point blade, rescue/gutting blade (serrated), and clip-point blade. He removed the reamer but left the corkscrew. Altogether he assembled 28 of these 3-blade knives with red scales.
  6. Other variations reported to exist, more info required.


All the Victorinox 108mm knives are related to the original GAK, which was the first 108mm knife that was manufactured to a specification, and under contract, for the German Army.

108mm Fireman
108mm Fireman
Fireman Crest
Fireman Crest

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 108mm
  • Width: 18mm - (Nylon scales)
  • Weight: 111g - (Nylon scales)


  • 0.87 80 - Victorinox AN: Red Scales
  • 0.87 80.04 - Victorinox AN: Olive Green Scales
  • 0.87 80.06 - Victorinox AN: Imitation Stag Scales
  • 0.87 80.66 - Victorinox AN: Genuine Stag Scales
  • 5425 US SABI Number: Red Nylon scales
  • 5430 US SABI Number: Imitation Stag Scales

Related Knives

  • Mauser - Gutting blade, replaced with clip-point blade, olive drab nylon scales.
  • Safari Trooper - No gutting blade, nylon scales

Other Victorinox 108mm Models

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SAAM'S: Victorinox 108mm Series Overview

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